Written and Directed By :

Dervis Zaim


Ruhsar : Hazar Erguclu

Veli : Osman Alkas

Anna : Popi Avraam

Cevdet : Settar Taniogen

Ahmet : Bugra Gulsoy

Salih the Karagoz Performer : Erol Refikoglu

Hristo : Constantinos Gavriel

Thanasis : Pantelis Antonas

Dimitri : Ahmet Karabiber

Arif : Ekrem Yucelten

Riza : Cihan Tariman

1. Rum Policemen : Thomas Nikodimou

2. Rum Policemen : Andreas Makris

Rum Civilian : Nadi Gule


Oktay Odabasi • Dervis Zaim

Yesil Film in cooperation with Marathon Film

Production Liable:

Sadik Ekinci

Executive Producer:

Emre Oskay

Associate Producer:

Marsel Kalvo

Director Of Photography:

Emre Erkmen


Marios Takoushis

Art Director:

Elif Taşcioglu


Aylin Zoi Tinel

Costume Design:

Huseyin Ozinal

Location Sound:

Mustafa Bolukbasi

Sound Design:

Kostas Varibopiotis

Production Coordinator:

Sevket Serkan Sen

Visual Effects Supervisor:

Kerem Kurdoglu

Digital Project Management:

Volkan Duran

Assistant Director:

Utku Bildirgen


Set in the year 1963, the film revolves around two families, one Greek and the other Turkish, who live in a remote village in Cyprus. An attack by Greek policemen forces Salih, a Karagoz shadow play master, and his daughter Ruhsar to flee their home and take refuge in a village where their relative Veli lives.

Salih the Karagoz master gets lost on the way after he leaves the village for the city. Left behind, the daughter now has to live with uncle Veli. As the leader of the Turkish community in the village, Veli is well aware that the Turks, who are a minority group in the area, will be defeated and oppressed by the larger and more powerful Greek community in case a conflict breaks out. So, he tells his Greek neighbor Anna and other Greek people that the Turks want to keep violence out of the scene. This effort even leads to some sort of a “gentlemen’s agreement” with the Greek neighbors, where both sides agree not to attack one another in the village.

However, Veli and the young villagers find out by coincidence that Hristo, the son of Anna, is storing weapons in the village. The young Turks then try to arm themselves and secretly prepare against a possible Greek attack without saying Veli a word. However, the Greeks discover the weapon quest and shooting practices carried out by the Turks, and this discovery fans the flames of paranoia and mistrust between the two sides.