Written and Directed By :

Dervis Zaim

Producer :

Ezel Akay • Dervis Zaim

Actors :

Ahmet Ugurlu • Tuncel Kurtiz • Aysen Aydemir

Fuat Onar • Serif Erol • Hasan Uzma

Nadi Guler • Barıs Celiloglu

Director Of Photography :

Mustafa Kuscu

Production Liables :

Bülent Güneri • Derviş Zaim

Art Director :

Asli Kurnaz

Makeup :

Asli Kurnaz

Editing :

Mustafa Preseva

Stage Assistant :

Nura Arik


Tabutta Rovasata (Somersault  In A Coffin) is the true but allegorical story of a car thief who steals to keep himself warm during cold winter nights. Mahsun SUPERTITIZ is homeless and unemployed.

He lives in Rumelihisari (one of the most picturesque and oldest quarters of Istanbul), and tries to stay alive with the help of local fishermen. Mahsun loves cars, he steals at nights and in the mornings he drives them back clean and well kept. He lives to emphasize the strange togetherness of possibilities and impossibilities.

In this togetherness, Mahsun experiences friendship, trust, a one-way love affair and torture. He insists to survive in his open-air coffin of ancient Istanbul streets.

Director’s  note:

Tabut (Coffin) is a small place, confining a person only to his own dimensions. Istanbul, as the most cosmopolitan city in Turkey, especially famous with its striking contrasts, encircles diverse lifestyles, extremely rich and dirt poor.

In this harsh atmosphere, people are built with surprising skills to balance everything around their lives, as well as with wild stubbornness to refuse to do the “right thing” and totally let go of themselves.